1. Whatever sir has taught is very good but the Ancient History course is incomplete, Not all topic are covered. When will you cover the remaining ones?

  2. Sir do you also provide online course on HISTORY optional?
    If so is it made by Ojha Sir completely or other faculties?
    Also, what is the price for the course?
    Please let me know…I want to buy the course if it is affordable.
    Thank you so much….

  3. Sir what is the validity of the history course by Awadh Sir? I am planning to appear in 2021. Please let me know ASAP so that I can subscribe immediately. Thanks

  4. HI IQRA,

    Please elaborate how many videos and courses are include in this and also mention only history (Ancient, Medieval, Modern) courses allowed with this subscription.
    please reply as soon as possible. waiting to subscribe.

  5. Good morning sir,
    i have taken online course, what will be the validity for the those videos

  6. Hi @IQRA,

    I have gone through all the video and it’s a really good one and I never learn History in this way what Ojha sir taught. An outstanding way of teaching.

    But I think few videos are missing, which include the coverage of ‘Post Maurya Period’ and some early Ancient India topics.
    Hoping IQRA will soon upload the same.

    • Dear user, new videos will be loaded after the lockdown is over, we are working on the same, thank you.

  7. Thank you Iqra. It’s not possible for me to take coaching, hence these videos are motivating me to study while continuing my work.

    Thanks a lot Awadh sir.

    • Dear user,

      thank you so much for the appreciation, your kind words keep us moving ahead, thank you.

    • Dear user, please note that videos are still under process and we will be launching them soon, the process is delayed because of the lockdown, thanks.

  8. great collection of videos. things learnt – 1. how to study 2.how to connect 3.which topics to be prioritized.
    thank you iqra and ojha sir.

      • Kindly clarify after purchasing video course can we watch same video again and again or we have to complete entire video in one go

    • How will i receive the order(i mean those videos)
      ….and are these videos similar to one on youtube?

      • Dear User,

        Please note, when you buy course, you have to register your self on iqraias.com, post the purchase you have to login to your student’s dashboard and view or stream the video online from our website.

        These videos are much more in-depth than those on YouTube.com


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