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  1. Sir, recently it was in news that the most of the states are going out of revenue and needs the centre to share with them the tax share of them and change the FRBM act conditons for fiscal deficit targets.

    Sir, does the FC also deals with this issue of resolution of tax sharing and raising loans as per the need of the states?

  2. Sir, why this time we have 15 FC report in 2 parts? (one for 2020-2021 and the other one for 2021-2026)
    Sir, I feel like the criterion for the population will not promote the states to come out with some population control measures as will get money from centre as an incentive to have large population. Please discuss this point.

  3. Sir,actually the SNA AND DID approach is a bit confusing please tell us the source to refer to get clarrified?

  4. Could you please throw some more light on difference in differences technique, I couldn’t understand it even after your previous class explanations on it, sir

  5. In the previous lecture Sir mentioned GDP @factor cost and @market price but didn’t mention @basic price. what is [email protected] price ?

    one thing I would like to say that the cameraman excessively trying to focus and refocus the lens which is quite irritating.

  6. the benchmark for the income distance is taken from goa itself only or from haryana ,in the horizontal devolution ?

  7. Sir, you told in the previous class that…if depreciation amount is very high then the investment going to be less effective…in which way …please elaborate it.

  8. Very good explanation, and very good methodology to teach.
    But i have one doubt, how do i found whether it is sufficient concept to solve the problem.

  9. Sir the way uh teach is so amazing and the way uh repeat the things is so good ……very helpful for understanding and uh start from zero and this I like the most although I love evonmics from schooling but Sir uh made it more easier.. thank you so much for this Sir

  10. Sir, why it is said that our GDP deflator is poorly defined despite being the fact that by the MCA21 technique we are now betterly measuring our real GDP?

  11. Sir, well it is fine that we can manage the economy by FP and MP, but when we look at the bigger picture while we are having national unrest in our country as the media is portraying will these measures really gonna work?

    context: repo rate reduction by the RBI, tax relief by the govt. and on the other hand border disputes with pakistan and china, social unrest like refugee crisis in Assam and nation wide anti CAA protest, contracting markets for India as we have also not joined RCEP and limited bilateral trade agreements, decelerating consumption of Indians, presently the covid crisis.

    { I got these points mainly through editorials of the HIndu newspaper }

  12. Sir, how do we include the informal sector while measuring our GDP?
    And if the informal sector is not included then how do we get the real figures or to say approximately real figures of the GDP?

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