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  1. sir if people have money then there borrowing capacity increases and hence demand increases this will cause supply to increase but sir told a gap in supply and demand will occur .how?

  2. Thank you so much sir for the in-depth insights into these topics. They were always confusing to me. One request is there that please provide us with some practice questions related to the topics taught in class. It will the very helpful for us to consolidate the concepts.

  3. Sir, if the govt. will somehow be able to increase the tax and collection by introducing DTC reforms but, if in case the economic growth does not revive in upcoming years then it further decrease the demand in the economy?

  4. Sir, in the previous lectures you mentioned about that how India is lacking on the side of policy making and implementation and may not be able to reap the benefit of the trade war between US and China as the firms from china may not shift to India rather may go to Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines, Bangladesh etc.

    Sir how these countries are good than our if we start looking at this issue of firms not coming to India and what actually we can do to make them come?

    (Moreover last year in the WB ease of doing business index we have improved our position signalling that we are improving. And they are not coming as they should have, even knowing that how huge Indian market is?)

  5. Sir if govt. Go for disinvestment of profit making companies then it is permanent loss of govt. Revenue so it good for going their disinvestment

  6. Sir, how the disinvestment of the BPCL and Shipping corporation of India are strategic as here the govt. is its its share available with the govt.?

  7. Sir your teaching style is awesome , but plz write some important note on whiteboard or onscreen … Tq IQRA IAS FACULTY TILL NOW IS AWESOME REALLY..

  8. Sir, what is the basis of the Govt. to issue bonds? Is it the goodwill of the govt. have or the estimation of the assets of the govt. and based on the valuation of Govt. assets bonds are you?

    Is there any limit on the govt. to issue bonds? How are issue bonds and then getting money from the RBI is good over the older method of taking loans through the RBI, in both the cases as the payment of interest is to be made of the govt.?

  9. Sir, It would be better if you could provide some (pdf) notes on important topics in line with the lectures.

  10. Sir, recently a term helicopter money was in news.
    (a)What is helicopter money?
    (b)From where this money will be generated- new printed note or govt securities? (Is it related to yesterday class market or RBI borrowing).
    (c)How will it affect the fiscal deficit of India?
    (d)How this money will come in circulation- investment, loans, supporting amount or any other mean?

  11. Sir please, do solve some question related to prellims past year paper of economy at the end of lacture,so that we can better understand.

  12. Sir, if cess is impose only by Central government but recently UP Government impose gau kalyan cess,
    so how a state government can impose cess

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