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  1. Sir your teaching method is awesome. I had a phobia for Economics .But the way u explain ……..thanks from deepest of my heart .
    I also request team IQRA if possible please provide pdf of the lectures of jha sir

  2. in the above stated example . FD = 400(tot expenditure)-200(borrowings). Disinvestment (100) is left out but why is 100 Rev Receipt being left out?
    FD should be 100 if Rev Receipt is counted as well.

  3. Sir , bit confusion in extra budgetry resources
    Though borrowing under ebr will not increase fiscal deficit but since payment of principle and interest is to be done from budget so it will increase expenditure which will increase revenue deficit ?

  4. Sir can RBI print new currency notes to repay the debt? Sir please explain how is the new currency printed. on what basis. Can we print how much ever we want and repay loans? Why do we need to borrow? Please explain sir..

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