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  1. Sir said inflation rate up to 4% support growth and beyond 4%, growth is impacted with increasing inflation. Why it happens on 4% only?? What is the significance of this 4%??

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  2. All the lectures are very much informative and clarity of concepts is the best part by zha sir..thanks sir. Hope fully all important topics will be covered.

  3. Firstly, I can’t thank enough for your effective teaching. Secondly your voice is best suitable for dialogue delivery, specially for last lecture when you said ke itna bhi nahi kamate ke guzara ho jaye… Aapane to Amrish puri ko competition de diya.. wah wah jha sir

  4. Is it Inflation increase production cost?, if it, than PC going to be high,& ultimate goods become costly than how its profitable?
    Means sir I’m unable to understand how inflation help growth.please sir

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  5. sir why should disinvestment be included in fiscal deficit in Indian context ,after all money from disinvestment is going to be spent for capital expenditure i.e assets creation.And this will increase future earning capacity. plz clarify sir .(I have not got answer to my previous comment)

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