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  1. Act of 1892 already curb down the right of fair election by acknowledging indirect election where voting rights given to local bodies -which depends on govt. and will allow people in legislature who are in interest of govt. So why ” Calcutta Municipal Corporation Act of 1892′, by Lord Curzon ?

  2. I had asked few questions , but those questions have been deleted and there’s no communication about why and how my doubts will be cleared. I request if administration can help me with this.

  3. Sir, Can you please explain kamagatamaru and budge budge incident once again ?
    I got jumbled up with sequence.

  4. without current affairs what is meaning of prelims crash course please make lecture on this (CA) then it will complete the meaning of prelims crash course.

  5. I asked about khajri jama in previous class …but I cant see my comment or reply either.
    The voice was fine today for me …and class was awesome .
    Please answer my question.

  6. Thankyou sir for such good content.
    sir please tell me , is there any need to revise NCERTs again from 6 to 12 or can we focus only on these lectures + spectrum?

  7. Sir please give a brief description on attempting technical modern history questions in the pre exam .

  8. Sir regarding Zamindari System:

    1)What is the difference between rent to be paid and land revenue?
    2) Also in rent, what is (1/11)th and (10/11)th, on what basis this needs to be paid (like is it agricultural produce)?

  9. Sir, is it National Convention as mentioned in online video on IQRA (previous videos) or is it National Conference?

  10. sir volume problem and can iqra cover current affairs issues in this module and can iqra provide pdf files or only video lectures

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