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  1. Sir please give outline for the HRA hsra 3rd phase of revolutionary terrorism SC Bose bhagat singh and on CDM

  2. Sir please give outline for HRA hsra 3rd phase of revolutionary terrorism, on bhagat singh, SC Bose and on CDM

  3. Kakori robery relavnace what is the educational institution to be called after mumbai act ..?

  4. Relevance of kakori robbery what is said to be turned as educational institute after mumbai act ?
    I did not understand.

      According to Gandhi ji, satyagraha was the superior moral force which could bring a change in the heart of the tyrant. His satyagraha was based on truth and non-violence.

    • During the plague epidemic the salary of workers were raised by 50% as no one was ready to work. However as soon as the epidemic was over, the company owners abolished the hike. However the workers were suffering due to inflation caused by WW1 and demanded the hike to be maintained. They therefore went on strike and then Gandhi had to intervene who finally succeeded in providing 35% hike to the workers. Hope it helps!

    • Hey Ashima

      A plague bonus is a kind of bonus or compensation given by Textile Mill owners to Mill workers to dissuade the workers from fleeing during the outbreak ( Famine in Ahmedabad).

      Plague bonus was provided so that workers don’t leave Ahmedabad city.

  5. In the previous lecture sir mentioned that direct election was one of the features of the Act of 1909 . Spectrum and other internet articles says that it was indirect election. could you please clarify on this ?
    Also in one lecture sir mentioned Lord Bentick as the liberator of Indian press, which I think was the slip of tongue.
    please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. Sir
    In yesterday’s lecture, Ojha sir made reference of Barisal Conference (as an exception to farmer’s participation, as Curzon had tried to appease that section). If you could please explain in brief what was this conference all about?

  7. i asked about khajri jama in second class but my comment and answer is not there.

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