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  1. Sir regarding Permanent Settlement,

    1) What is the difference between land revenue and rent?
    2) The rent to be paid (1/11)th & (10/11)th is based on what (like is it based on the amount of produce)?

    Please explain?

  2. Sir, please tell me, from which period the culture of democracy can be traced in the history of India.
    And if democracy was present in India before west discovered the ideals of democracy,
    why then we still are more dependent for our democracy ideals and their interpretations in western traditions and conventions while trying to keep our footing on the same pedestal as they have.
    Also, what new meaning those western ideals gave to our Indian traditions in positive and negative way
    and in what ways the acts enacted by Britishers to tame the Indian colony helped the Indians to achieve their goal of independence. Was the Indian independence, a result of Britishers loosing their place as a super power and changing of world order after world war- 2 rather than being a result of efforts of Indian nationalists.
    To what extent it is justified to say that Indians were already communal in the spirit and that is the sole reason that Britishers were able to fan the inbuilt sentiments through their policies and thus it is wrong to blame Britishers for the problems of communalism and other separatists tendencies arose due to policies of Britishers.

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