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  1. Sir one humble request. Whoever is holding the camera, covers the mic sometimes and because of that the voice becomes muffled and loses its clarity. It has been a problem for a very long time. Kindly look into the matter. Thank you.

  2. What about the lectures mentioned in course schedule about art and culture ancient history and medieval history? They were to be done before 11 July….please help…why a gap ?

  3. Sir’s a humble request to arrange regular classes. I joined this seeing the schedule ,you provided earlier. So please follow the schedule.

  4. Why the answers have been ticked in test 2 and test 3.??
    No use of test 2 and test 3….. why this ticked has been done. Please tell……….All attempt to questions are useless now…

  5. It’s a humble humble request to ojha sir…
    Sir plz make a video on tribal and other regional revolts and peasant revolts..

  6. Sir , the questions that were mentioned by ojha sir in the last lecture will be available to us by when ?

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