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“Demo Lecture on 3rd Jan 2021, New Batch Starts from 16th Jan 2021”

IQRA IAS Introduces Geography Optional Subject By one of the reputed faculties in the field of Geography subject – Rohit Wazir Sir.

Rohit Wazir Sir is a renowned faculty in the field of UPSC coaching specialized with geography subject, with teaching experience of more than 12 years. Being a MA in Geography. His unique and easy to understand the approach of teaching Geography and Environmental Science by giving small examples to make understand the big picture helps students to retain topics for a very long time.

Along with IQRA IAS, he has been associated with few other reputed institutes at Pan India level.

Course Overview:

Geography (optional) Comprehensive Foundation Course covering basics from NCERT level (class 6 to 12) till advanced level. The course is designed under the guidance of senior faculties of IQRA IAS and will be conducted by renowned faculty Rohit Wazir Sir.

This course has been designed in such a way where students having no to a very basic academic background in Geography they will also be able to understand the subject which will help them to score good marks.

Special features of the course

  • Result-oriented approach, in teaching.
  • Special focus will be given on the Mapping of the classes.
  • Written/ typed notes to be provided by Rohit Wazir sir.
  • Focus on clearing the basics for the beginners.
  • Applied & related current issues and focus on how to link them to the modules.
  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus – 250-300 hrs of the video session.
  • Special sessions for the “Development of Writing Skills” of students.
  • Conceptual clarity by experienced faculties
  • Previous Year’s Question papers will be discussed.

Course Schedule

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Course Schedule

  • Course Duration from Jan 2021, till mid-August 2021.
  • Weekend Classes: January to May (on every Saturday & Sunday) 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • From 1st July to Mid Aug 2021, regular everyday classes.

In case of any questions, please fill this short form below to reach us.

Recommended Books:

  • Paper – 1
    • Physical Geography –DR Khullar / Savindra Singh
    • Geomorphology by P.Dayal
    • Modern Physical Geography – Strahler and Strahler (Optional)
    • Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
    • Physical Geography Made Simple – Rupa Publication
    • Dictionary of Physical Geography – Penguin
    • Evolution of Geographical Thought – Sudeepta Adhikari
    • Economic and Social Geography Made Simple – Rupa Publication
    • Models in Geography – Majid Hussain
    • Dictionary of Human Geography
    • Oxford Student Atlas
  • Paper – 2
    • India – A Comprehensive Geography – Khullar
    • Regional Planning in India – Mahesh Chand
    • India Year Book – Publication Division
    • Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines

Course Fees:

  • Regular Fees 38,500/- with an additional 18% GST
  • Discounted Fees 20,000/- (till 3 Jan 2021 only). Register today to avail this benefit

(Additional 18% GST applicable on all fees mentioned above)

Admissions Closed: Please note, admission to this batch is now closed, if you are interested in taking Geo Optional, please visit and check out our Geo Optional Batch II.


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