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Prepare for Prelims with IQRA IAS and write MAINS under the guidance of Avadh Ojha Sir.

Limited Time Discounted Fee Offer: 10,000 5000/- (Inclusive of Tax)

Welcome to our Prelims Test Series 2024, an essential tool designed specifically for ambitious and dedicated individuals gearing up for the UPSC and State Services examinations. Just like how a compass guides a sailor, our Test Series will steer you towards your goal of acing the 2024 prelims.

Developed by Avadh Ojha sir experienced mentors and UPSC veterans, our test series is curated around three pivotal USPs – personalisation, comprehensive coverage, and frequent feedback. Firstly, we know that every aspirant is unique in their preparation and learning style. Hence, we offer a highly personalized study approach, adjusting to your pace, focus areas, and preferred learning methodologies

We ensure comprehensive coverage of all subjects. Our tests are designed to span the entire syllabus, delving deep into each topic, leaving no stone unturned. We meticulously update our questions, incorporating the latest developments to reflect the evolving nature of the UPSC and State Services exams.

Our Prelims Test Series 2024 also provides several additional benefits to UPSC aspirants. You’ll gain access to a collaborative learning environment where you can engage in discussions with fellow aspirants, sharing insights, tips, and doubts. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in live sessions and webinars with our experienced educators and previous toppers.

Test Series Overview:

  • Total 40 Tests of GS (8 Sectional,24 Modules, 6 Comprehensive & 2 CSAT).
  • Complete Coverage of Syllabus.
  • Tests would be based on the Chapter/Modules.
  • Detailed Answer Explanations Provided by Experienced Faculty.
  • Live Paper Discussion Over Zoom/Video Call and Paper Analysis for Selected Question Papers by our Renowned Faculty.
  • Special Focus on Current Events and Happenings in Question Papers.
  • Special focus on teaching the Elimination Methods, to solve the tests.
  • Question Paper as per UPSC Pattern
  • Test series to start from July 2024 Onwards

Test Schedule:

  • Test Series starts on Dec 2023 Onwards
  • Tests can be taken Online and Offline at our Test Centres (Kanpur and Pune)
  • Test timings will be from 10 am on the date of the release of the test.
  • You can give a test online an unlimited number of times.

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Fee Details:

  • Test Series Starts from Dec 2023
  • Test Series Fees ₹10,000 5000/- (Inclusive of taxes)
  • Limited Time Discounted Fee Offer

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By joining our Prelims Test Series, you are not just preparing for an examination; you’re laying a strong foundation for your lifelong career. Turn your UPSC dreams into reality with us, because when it comes to your success, we leave nothing to chance.

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  • 09 Jul: Economy [Questions Paper & Answer]
  • 23 Jul: Polity
  • 13 Aug: Geography
  • 27 Aug: History (Ancient)
  • 10 Sep: Current Affairs
  • 24 Sep: History (Medieval)
  • 08 Oct: Economy & Geography
  • 24 Oct: Indian Polity & Current
  • 19 Nov: Revision Test covering all Aubjects

Frequently Asked Questions?

Daily class duration will be daily around 2.5 – 3 hours or more. Class timing will be either in the morning or evening.

Students can ask queries in the dedicated telegram group created for the batch. (Students are advised only to ask subject-relevant questions in the group). Any mischievous activity or any forwarded messages in the group may cause you to be expelled from the group.

Schedule for subjects will be uploaded and informed one week before the course starts.

This course will be beneficial for students appearing in prelims 2024 and this course will lay the foundation for students planning to appear in 2025 & 2026.

Lectures will be streaming on our website www.iqraias.com and our mobile apps

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