By Shabbir Sir – Co-Founder, Edukemy and Ex. Faculty of Vajiram & Ravi

Course Duration: 9 Months

Course Fees: 69,600 62,640/- (10% OFF for first 50 students, Use Coupon Code IQRA10)
Fee inclusive of all taxes

Course Starts: 30 Sep 2021

An Intensive online learning programme that ensures holistic coverage and understanding of Geography Optional for UPSC-CSE. It provides in-depth coverage of all the concepts and topics; along with map sessions, handwritten notes, and comprehensive tests; by India’s Leading Faculty for Geography Optional.

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Key Highlights:

Live Interactive Classes by Best-in-Class Faculties
Handwritten Notes with Concept Interlinking
Coverage of NCERTs & Standard Textbooks
Map Practice for India and the World
Special Classes for Answer Writing Guidance
Current Affairs Linkage with the Syllabus
Full Length Tests for Mains Answer Writing Practice
Handwritten Model Answers & Post Test Discussions

Programme Structure:

  • 400 hours of Intensive Learning Programme with Live-Interactive Classes.
  • 180 sessions of Foundation & 130 sessions of Enrichment; spread over a duration of 9 months.
  • Live class commencement date: 30th September 2021.
  • Class Timing: 12-2 pm (Monday – Friday).
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Programme Outline:

  • Integrated course for Geography Optional covers the complete Geography Optional Syllabus in a holistic and balanced manner.
  • Complete coverage of basics from NCERTs, and the standard textbooks, along with discussion on relevant issues.
  • Doubt Clarification by Mentors and Subject Experts.
  • Full Length Tests to simulate UPSC Mains (Geography Optional), along with handwritten model answers, and Post Test Discussions.
  • All answers will be evaluated by the subject experts and personalised feedbacks will be provided to all students attempting the tests.
  • The programme will cover in depth study of Paper 1 and Paper 2 for UPSC Geography Optional.

Why this Programme?

  • The programme will be handled by India’s Best faculty for Geography – Shabbir Sir.
  • Our live interactive classes simulate the feel of offline classes, where students also have the choice to ask doubts, and interact with the faculty in real time. This enhances class engagement and retainability of the key concepts.
  • Peer interaction and discussion platforms ensure that you stay connected to other aspirants and remain in a mind simulating and competitive environment throughout your preparation.
  • Our subject experts and faculties are also involved in curating and overviewing all the contents and tests, to ensure quality and coherence with UPSC CSE exam.
  • Our handout and study-materials include hand-written notes with proper flow charts, diagrams, data, and links to help better learning.
  • Personalised expert feedback on answers written by the students will help students improve their writing skills for other UPSC Mains Papers also.

Assessment & Evaluation

  • 7 Comprehensive Test Series.
  • Regular tests & assignments for effective learning.
  • Answer-writing practice via Assignments & PYQs.
  • Home Assignments on regular basis for practice.

Test Papers will be evaluated by a team of experts & faculty. Detailed feedback on our app – Korrecto with in-depth feedback on your paper, line-by-line comments on your answers for improvement & hyperlink to reference reading material.

Who is this Programme for?

Geography as an optional can be bit technical and tricky, but when mastered, it is one of the most scoring subjects in UPSC CSE Mains.

Foundational Course for Geography Optional starts with the basics and thus is ideal for students from any background or at any stage of their preparation. Additionally, it will be of great help for UPSC Mains – GS Paper 1, Certain Sections of GS paper 3, and UPSC CSE prelims.

We shape civil servants out of aspirants!

This programme is ideal for All UPSC CSE 2022/23 Aspirants who plan to take Geography as their Optional Subject for Mains.

Geography Integrated