Why NCERT for UPSC and Other State Service Exams?

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One cannot build success on a weak foundation. For a solid foundation, it is necessary to build a super-strong base.  This is applicable to aspirants of the UPSC as well as other state-level civil service exam aspirants. NCERT books are considered the foundation books for the Civil Services Examination. It covers all topics that are important and gives us crystal clear conceptual clarity. It guarantees that aspirants are no longer beginners once you go through them thoroughly. Thus, NCERT Books additionally serve as a measure of performance evaluation and improvement. Moreover, the language used in NCERT books is simple and easy to understand, making it accessible to students from all backgrounds. Aspirants can also supplement their preparation with additional reference books and online resources to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Course Overview

  • Course under the Mentorship of Avadh Ojha Sir
  • Topics Covered:​
    • History
    • Geography
    • Indian Polity
    • Indian Economy
    • Science & Tech
    • Environment & Ecology
  • All important NCERT Covered as Per UPSC
  • Newspaper Analysis
  • How to Prepare and Approach for UPSC?
  • Result Oriented Approach
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Syllabus
  •  Maximum Opportunity for Aspirants to Interact with the Faculty
  • Conceptual Clarity and Analytical Skills Development
  • Doubt Sessions from Time to Time


Harness NCERT Insights for UPSC Mastery: Our course zeroes in on the UPSC’s preference for NCERT-based questions, offering a streamlined approach to mastering key concepts directly from NCERT textbooks. Avoid the overwhelming deluge of study materials and optimize your study time effectively.

NCERT Your Gateway to UPSC Success: Dive into the clarity and conciseness of NCERT books, which are vital for cracking both UPSC Prelims and Mains. Our program emphasizes syllabus-focused content that levels the playing field and simplifies complex topics.

IQRA IAS: Building NCERT Foundations for UPSC Triumph. Our dedicated program is meticulously crafted to fortify your understanding of NCERT fundamentals, paving the way for advanced study in general studies. Join us for an NCERT-focused learning journey that sets the stage for UPSC excellence.

A Holistic Approach to UPSC Preparation with NCERT at its Core: Our course goes beyond academics, focusing on comprehensive planning and personality development. Immerse yourself in an environment where every aspect of your UPSC preparation, rooted in NCERT, is given paramount importance.

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