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IQRA IAS is an institute in Pune, which is initiated under the guidance of Avadh Ojha Sir. Contact on 9579233002/9579247470 for details.
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Dear Students,

We are launching, 100+ important General Studies (GS) Questions with answers and detailed facts from India Year Book for your IAS prelims and civil services exams.

These top GS questions based on India Year Book cover important topics like Polity, New initiatives by government, Land and people, Water resources, Planning, Rural and Urban Development, Agriculture etc. Taking the practice test of these selected objective type questions (MCQ) with answers helps you improve your general knowledge, face any quiz and crack the general studies section of various competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, TNPSC, RAS etc.


Register today at and take up this test online at:

Post test discussions and answer keys are available at:

Thank you.
Dear Students,

Please note that today's question paper for UPSC Prelims Test Paper for 21 test series is live now.

You may take up the test at the following link, Online Test:

Post Test Discussion & Answer Keys:

Test Topics:
Science & Technology 1
* Basic Concepts of Science in Daily life, Defence, Nanotechnology, Robotics Focus on Current Developments & Current Affairs
* Space Technology
* Information Technology
* Cyber Security
* General awareness

Prepare From:
NCERT 8th – 9th, 10th & 12th Biology
India Year Book
Website: Ministry of Health + PIB Magazine: Yojana, Kurukshetra Newspaper: The Hindu and Indian Express