Regular Course Fee: 4750/-

Course Duration: 60 – 70 Hours

Course Under Guidance of Renowned Dr S.K. Jha Sir

Course Validity: 12 Months (from the date of purchase)

Course Mode: Online (Recorded Video Lectures)

Course Language: Hindi & Eng (Bilingual)

Why Opt for the Economics Module for GS Pre & Mains at IQRA IAS?

The path to cracking the UPSC examination requires not just hard work but also astute guidance, especially in a subject as dynamic and intricate as Economics. At IQRA IAS, our Economics Module for GS Pre & Mains is not just a course but an enlightening journey that simplifies the complexities of both macro and micro-economic landscapes. Curated by our eminent faculty, S.K. Jha Sir and Abhinav Sir, the module perfectly balances foundational knowledge with real-world applications, ensuring candidates are not just exam-ready but also future-ready. With a blend of interactive sessions, in-depth analyses, and contemporary examples, we ensure you’re well-prepared to tackle every economic curveball UPSC might pitch. Dive into the world of economics with IQRA IAS and elevate your understanding, ensuring your success in CSE 2024. Your quest for economic mastery begins with us!

Course Overview:

The world of economics, with its vast complexities and profound impact, is an essential aspect of the UPSC syllabus. Prepare for CSE 2024 with our tailored Economics GS Pre Cum Mains module, a bilingual course that not only deciphers economic concepts but also contextualizes them for the Indian scenario, aligning perfectly with the needs of GS Pre and Mains.

  • Course Validity: 12 Months (From the Date of Purchase)
  • Course Mode: Online (Recorded)
  • Starting Date: 18th Oct 2023
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4,750/-
  • Course Duration: 60 – 70 Hours

Esteemed Faculty:

  • S.K. Jha Sir: Renowned for his in-depth knowledge and innovative teaching methods in the field of economics.
  • Abhinav Sir: A stalwart in economics education, he brings clarity and expertise to the table.

Special Features:

Gear up for UPSC with 6 Comprehensive Prelims tests, meticulously curated to provide a real-time exam experience, accompanying the module.

Steer your preparation in the right direction and demystify the complex world of economics for UPSC GS Pre and Mains. With IQRA IAS, align your aspirations with expertise and take a confident step towards success in CSE 2024. Your economic journey to success starts here!

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Embark on your UPSC journey with our Economics Module for GS Mains. Dive deep into the world of finance and trade, where we prioritize a solid foundation in economic principles, demystifying intricate theories, and contextualizing them to current global scenarios. Our vision extends beyond just academic distinction; we aim to shape enlightened leaders who can navigate the complexities of global economies. With IQRA IAS, you’re not just studying economics; you’re charting the roadmap of your prosperous future. Align with the true spirit of UPSC and economics. Your era of success starts now!

Course Content Breakdown:

  1. Microeconomics: Grasp the core concepts of demand and supply, delve into various market structures, understand consumer behavior, and comprehend the intricacies of production, cost, factor markets, and welfare economics.
  2. Macroeconomics: Master the understanding of national income, inflation, unemployment, and get insights into fiscal and monetary policies, the banking and financial system, and the critical drivers of economic growth.
  3. Indian Economy: Dive deep into the intricacies of economic planning, explore the nuances of the agricultural and industrial sectors, understand the challenges and opportunities in infrastructure, trade, and delve into the transformative social sector initiatives.
  4. International Economics: Get a global perspective with an understanding of balance of payments, the role and impact of WTO, dynamics of regional economic groupings, intricacies of foreign trade, and the pressing global economic issues.

Duration: Engage in a comprehensive 60–70 hours of immersive content.