by Avadh Ojha Sir

IQRA IAS presents history video courses by Avadh Ojha Sir. Ojha Sir is a very well known educator and brings with him lots of years of experience in teaching. His focus is not only to give knowledge about the subject of history, but he also helps students open their minds for the overall goal of life.

These history video courses are made, very strategically to cover all the corners of the history subject, from the UPSC entrance point of view. Videos are very detailed and are of long duration, to help understand every aspect of any era.

USP of the Course:

  • This course helps all students, to get knowledgable insights of history from Avadh Ojha sir, even if the student is unable to take regular offline classes.
  • Helps student to study as per his or her convenient schedule: morning, afternoon or night.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of Ojha sir, is now available anytime and anywhere, on the phone or laptop.

History Video Course Demo

The history video course are available, as the following parts, click to view details

  1. Ancient India History (5 Videos: 590/- )
  2. Medieval India History
    1. Part 1 and 2: Khilji Dynasty (2 Videos: 590/-)
    2. Part 3, 4 and 5 (3 Videos: 590/-)
  3. Modern India History
    1. Part 1 to 4 (4 Videos: 590/-)
    2. Part 5 to 8 (4 Videos: 590/-)
  4. World History
    1. Part 1 (2 Videos: 295/-)
    2. Part 2 (1 Video: 590/-)
      1. French Revolution (FREE)
    3. Part 3 (1 Video: 295/-)
    4. Part 4 (4 Videos: 295/-)
    5. Part 5 (1 Videos: 236/-)

** All prices are inclusive of 18% GST

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