Regular Course Fee: 4750/- 

Course Duration: 30 – 40 Hours

Course Under Guidance of Expert Faculty of IQRA IAS

Course Validity: 12 Months (from the date of purchase)

Course Mode: Online (Recorded Video Lectures)

Course Language: Hindi & Eng (Bilingual)

Why Opt for Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology for GS Pre & Mains at IQRA IAS?

Discover the Future with IQRA IAS: Unveiling the Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology Modules for GS Pre & Mains

In today’s rapidly advancing world, an aspirant’s grasp of Science and technology and Environment & Ecology can be the distinguishing factor in the demanding UPSC examinations. Opting for the Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology modules at IQRA IAS is not merely about completing a syllabus; it’s an immersive journey. We bridge the gap between traditional learning and real-world applications, ensuring aspirants are abreast with contemporary advancements and environmental imperatives. With expert faculties and a comprehensive approach, IQRA IAS promises more than just textbook knowledge. Here, you get equipped with analytical skills and a future-forward mindset, aligning perfectly with the evolving dynamics of the UPSC’s GS Pre & Mains. Dive deep, discern, and delineate the future with us—because when you learn with IQRA IAS, you’re gearing up to lead the future.

Course Overview:

Science & Technology: In an era driven by innovation and technological advancement, our Science & Technology module equips UPSC aspirants with a robust understanding of fundamental scientific concepts and their real-world applications. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cover key areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Space Technology, Information Technology, Biotechnology, and Environmental Science.

Environment & Ecology: Our planet is at a crossroads, making the understanding of Environment & Ecology paramount for future leaders and decision-makers. This module offers comprehensive insights into the intricate balance of our ecosystems, the challenges posed by pollution, and the global urgency of climate change.

  • Course Validity: 12 Months (From the Date of Purchase)
  • Course Mode: Online (Recorded)
  • Starting Date: 18th Oct 2023
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4,750/-
  • Course Duration: 30 – 40 Hours

Esteemed Faculty:

  • Neeraj Nachiketa Sir: A seasoned educator, Neeraj Nachiketa brings a blend of academic rigor and real-world insights to the table. His expertise in Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology has been instrumental in shaping many UPSC aspirants’ futures. With a passion for teaching and an unyielding commitment to his students, Neeraj ensures that complex topics are broken down with clarity, making learning an enriching experience.
  • KV Paurya Sir: An icon in UPSC coaching, KV Paurya’s comprehensive approach to teaching ensures a deep and holistic understanding of the subject matter. His vast experience, coupled with a knack for simplifying intricate concepts, has made him a favorite among students. His lectures go beyond textbooks, intertwining real-world scenarios with academic theories, making learning both engaging and relevant.

Special Features:

Each module comes with a special feature—6 Comprehensive Prelims tests—to further bolster your preparation for UPSC’s GS Pre Cum Mains.

Step into the vast universe of Science, Technology, Environment, and Ecology, and shape your success trajectory with IQRA IAS. Your pathway to UPSC brilliance begins here.

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Embark on your UPSC journey with our Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology Module for GS Mains. Dive deep into the realms of modern innovations and our planet’s intricacies, where we prioritize a foundational grasp of cutting-edge developments and ecological dynamics. We simplify complex scientific paradigms, linking them seamlessly to real-world implications. Our mission goes beyond academic mastery; we endeavor to shape visionary leaders attuned to the rhythm of our evolving world. With IQRA IAS, you’re not just absorbing facts; you’re charting the trajectory of a transformative future. Align with the true essence of UPSC and the pulse of modern science. Your era of triumph commences here!

Course Content Breakdown:

Science & Technology Module: Discover the ever-evolving world of Science and technology tailored for GS Pre and Mains. Our course offers:

  1. Foundational Sciences: Delve into key concepts, principles, discoveries, and real-world applications of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  2. Space Technology: Explore satellites, transformative space missions, and their groundbreaking contributions.
  3. Information Tech: Master digital technologies, advanced communication systems, and the essentials of cybersecurity.
  4. Biotech: Navigate through its applications across medicine, agriculture, and the environment.
  5. Environmental Science: Address pressing issues like pollution, climate change, and biodiversity, focusing on sustainable solutions.

Duration: Embark on an exhaustive 30 – 40 hours of content-rich learning.

Environment & Ecology Module: Unearth the intricate tapestry of the environment and its symbiotic relationship with ecology. Highlights include:

  1. Environmental Ecology: Dive into ecosystems, biodiversity, and the importance of maintaining ecological balance and conservation.
  2. Pollution Control: Equip yourself with knowledge on air, water, and soil pollution. Understand waste management techniques and environmental impact assessment.
  3. Climate Dynamics: Decode the causes and consequences of climate change and strategize on mitigation and adaptation.
  4. Policy Framework: Grasp national and international initiatives on environmental governance, along with sustainable development goals.

Duration: Embark on an exhaustive 30 – 40 hours of content-rich learning.