Regular Course Fee: 4750/-

Course Duration: 70 – 80 Hours

Course Under Guidance of Expert Faculty of IQRA IAS

Course Validity: 12 Months (from the date of purchase)

Course Mode: Online (Recorded Video Lectures)

Course Language: Hindi & Eng (Bilingual)

Why Opt for the Geography Module for GS Pre & Mains at IQRA IAS?

In the vast landscape of UPSC preparation, a strong foundation in Geography can set the compass pointing directly towards success. At IQRA IAS, we’ve curated the Geography Module for GS Pre & Mains not just as a course but as a journey — from the soaring mountains to the vast oceans, from bustling urban landscapes to serene rural expanses. Our seasoned faculty, G Rabbani Sir and Abhijeet Sir, offer not only their profound knowledge but also a mentorship that transforms complex geographical concepts into easily digestible insights. With a focus on both the global panorama and India’s diverse topography, our module ensures you are comprehensively equipped for every geographical query UPSC presents. When you choose IQRA IAS, you’re not just studying Geography; you’re mapping out your success in CSE 2024. Join us, and let’s chart this promising journey together.

Course Overview:

Embarking on the UPSC journey requires not just determination but also comprehensive knowledge and guidance. Dive deep into the world of geography, tailored specifically for the aspirants aiming to excel in the GS Pre and Mains of CSE 2024. Our bilingual Geography GS Pre Cum Mains module offers a thorough understanding of the intricacies of our world, both physically and socioculturally.

  • Course Validity: 12 Months (From the Date of Purchase)
  • Course Mode: Online (Recorded)
  • Starting Date: 18th Oct 2023
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4,750/-
  • Course Duration: 70 – 80 Hours

Esteemed Faculty:

  • G Rabbani Sir: A beacon of knowledge in the world of Geography, with insights that promise a comprehensive understanding.
  • Abhijeet Sir: Renowned for his unparalleled expertise and ability to make complex geographical concepts easily graspable.

Special Features:

Align your UPSC preparation with our exclusive offering – 6 Comprehensive Prelims tests, ensuring your readiness for every geographical query the UPSC might pose.

Join our Geography module, and be prepared to not just navigate the challenges of UPSC but to chart your success story in CSE 2024. Your geographical journey to success starts here!

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Embark on your UPSC journey with our Geography Module for GS Mains. Traverse the diverse terrains of our planet, where we emphasize a deep understanding of geographical concepts, demystifying complex landscapes, and linking them to real-world implications. Our vision goes beyond just academic prowess; we aim to shape informed leaders who can comprehend the dynamics of our ever-changing world. With IQRA IAS, you’re not merely learning about the Earth’s features; you’re charting the course for a bright future. Align with the true essence of UPSC and geography. Your voyage towards success starts here!

Course Content Breakdown:

  1. Physical Geography:
    Understand Earth’s structure, its varied landforms, the diverse climate, tackle the crucial areas of natural hazards, and the strategies for disaster management.
  2. Human Geography:
    Dive into demographics with topics like population dynamics, migration patterns, urbanization trends, and the intricacies of agriculture, industries, transportation, and regional development.
  3. Indian Geography:
    Master the physical, political, and economic facets of India’s geography, gaining insights into resource distribution, grappling with environmental issues, and understanding the nuances of regional planning.
  4. World Geography:
    Traverse the continents, familiarize with major physical terrains, comprehend varied climate zones, address global environmental challenges, and demystify the geopolitical dynamics.

Duration: Dive deep with a thorough 70–80 hours of expert-led content.