Regular Course Fee: 4750/-

Course Duration: 80 – 100 Hours

Course Under Guidance of Expert Faculty of IQRA IAS

Course Validity: 12 Months (from the date of purchase)

Course Mode: Online (Recorded Video Lectures)

Course Language: Hindi & Eng (Bilingual)

Why Opt for the Indian Polity Module for GS Pre & Mains at IQRA IAS?

Navigating the intricate framework of Indian Polity is a crucial element for every UPSC aspirant. At IQRA IAS, our Indian Polity Module for GS Pre & Mains offers more than just theoretical knowledge—it provides clarity, insight, and an unparalleled depth of understanding, all imperative for CSE 2024. Under the guidance of esteemed faculty like Sanjay Singh Sir and Irshad Khan Sir, you’ll traverse the dynamic landscape of our constitution, governance, political systems, and public administration. The curriculum is meticulously structured, integrating modern pedagogical techniques with real-world scenarios, ensuring not only academic prowess but also a practical understanding. Choose IQRA IAS for a holistic and transformative learning experience in Indian Polity, laying a solid foundation for your UPSC aspirations.

Course Overview:

The labyrinth of Indian Polity is intricate, dynamic, and essential for every UPSC aspirant. Align your CSE 2024 preparation with our meticulously designed Indian Polity GS Pre Cum Mains module. Offered in a bilingual format, this course is crafted not just to inform, but to instil a deep-seated understanding of the Indian Constitution and the varied nuances of our governance.

  • Course Validity: 12 Months (From the Date of Purchase)
  • Course Mode: Online (Recorded)
  • Starting Date: 18th Oct 2023
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4,750/-
  • Course Duration: 80 – 100 Hours

Esteemed Faculty:

  • Sanjay Singh Sir: A luminary in the domain of Indian Polity, he is celebrated for his profound insights and interactive teaching methodology.
  • Irshad Khan Sir: His expertise in simplifying complex polity concepts has guided countless aspirants on the path to UPSC success.

Special Features:

Sharpen your UPSC readiness with 6 Comprehensive Prelims tests, diligently structured to complement the module and give you a taste of the actual examination ambience.

Anchor your UPSC GS Pre and Mains preparations with a robust understanding of Indian Polity. With IQRA IAS, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re readying yourself to be a part of India’s administrative legacy. Let’s co-author your success story for CSE 2024.

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Embark on your UPSC journey with our Indian Polity Module for GS Mains. Dive deep into the intricate framework of our nation’s governance and constitution. At IQRA IAS, we prioritize a foundational understanding of India’s political dynamics, simplifying complex structures, and contextualizing them to current governance scenarios. Our vision extends beyond pure academic mastery; we aim to shape future leaders equipped to navigate the realm of Indian Polity. With us, you’re not just studying the constitution; you’re preparing to be a steward of our democracy. Align with the true spirit of UPSC and Indian Polity. Your chapter of success starts now!

Course Content Breakdown:

  1. Constitution of India: Delve into the core of our democracy with topics such as the Preamble, fundamental rights, directive principles, fundamental duties, and the meticulous amendment procedures.
  2. Governance: Understand the pillars of our democracy – the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary. Gain insights into the roles of constitutional bodies, the nuances of statutory bodies, and their intricate functioning.
  3. Political System: Explore the depth of Indian federalism, the intricacies of center-state relations, the framework of local governance, and the dynamics of political parties.
  4. Public Administration: Uncover the fabric of our administrative machinery, discussing civil services, the need and impact of administrative reforms, and the essential concepts of accountability, transparency, and e-governance.

Duration: Embark on an exhaustive 80 – 100 hours of content-rich learning.