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IQRA IAS Presents Current Affairs Programme for UPSC/State Services
Starting on 25th Nov 2022 (IQRA FOUNDATION DAY)

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  • Course Duration: 6 Months Programme, till May 2023
  • Extensive Coverage for the Current Affairs Starting from Jan 2022 – May 2023
  • Coverage of News from Newspapers (The Hindu and Indian Express) + PIB + Yojana and Kurushetra + Sources Relevant to UPSC
  • Coverage of All the Macro and Micro Issues Covering All the Subjects:
  • Polity and Governance
  • International Relations
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Social and Ethical Issues
  • Disaster Management
  • Schemes
  • Miscellaneous

Exclusive Features:

  • How to Approach Editorials
  • Notes Making
  • Answer Writing
  • Evaluation through Tests
  • Coverage of Yojana and Kurukshetra
Current Affairs Programme for UPSC

Class Schedule and Timings:

Every Sunday (First 3 Weeks): 8 to 10 pm

  • (Coverage for Science and Technology, Environment and Disaster Management)

25th – 30th of Every Month (Last Week): 8 to 10 pm

  • (Coverage for Polity and Governance, IR, Economy, Social Issues, Schemes and Miscellaneous)
25th November 2022Orientation
26th November 2022Polity and Governance
27th November 2022Polity and Governance
28th November 2022International Relations
29th November 2022International Relations
30th November 2022International Relations
4th DecemberScience and Technology
11th DecemberScience and Technology + Environment
15th DecemberTest
17th DecemberTest Discussion
18th DecemberEnvironment
20th DecemberTest
23rd DecemberTest Discussion
24th DecemberEconomy
26th DecemberEconomy
27th DecemberSocial and Ethical Issues
28th DecemberSocial Issues and Schemes
29th DecemberYojana and Kurukshetra
30th DecemberYojana and Kurukshetra+ Miscellaneous
5th JanuaryTest
7th JanuaryTest Discussion
8th JanuaryScience and Technology
15th JanuaryScience and Technology and Environment
18th JanuaryTest
21st JanuaryTest Discussion
22nd JanuaryEnvironment
25th JanuaryPolity and Governance
26th JanuaryPolity and Governance
27th JanuaryInternational Relations
28th JanuaryInternational Relation
29th JanuaryEconomy
30th JanuaryEconomy
31st JanuarySocial and Ethical Issues
5th FebruaryScience and Technology
8th FebruaryTest
11th FebruaryTest Discussion
12th FebruaryEnvironment
19th FebruaryEnvironment
20th FebruaryTest
21st FebruaryTest Discussion
24th FebPolity and Governance
25th FebInternational Relations
26th FebEconomy
27th FebYojana and Kurukshetra
28th FebYojana and Kurukshetra and Miscellaneous
5th MarchScience and Technology
6th MarchTest
11th MarchDiscussion
12th MarchScience and Tech + Environment
19th MarchEnvironment
21st MarchTest
24th MarchTest Discussion
25th MarchPolity and Governance
26th MarchPolity and Governance and IR
27th MarchEconomy
28th MarchEconomy and Social Issues
29th MarchSchemes
30th MarchYojana and Kurukshetra
31st MarchMiscellaneous
2nd AprilScience and Tech
9th AprilScience and Tech + Environment
11th AprilTest
15th AprilTest Discussion
16th AprilEnvironment
20th AprilTest
23rd AprilTest Discussion
24th AprilPolity and Governance
25th AprilPolity and Governance and IR
26th AprilInternational Relation
27th AprilEconomy
28th AprilEconomy and Schemes
29th AprilSocial and Ethical Issues
30th AprilYojana and Kurushetra
1st May -20th MayPrelims Booster Module
May 22ndComprehensive Test 1
May 23rdComprehensive Test 2
May 24thTest Discussion 1
May 25thTest Discussion 2


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